Friday, September 16, 2005

Buck likes to jump

So, this is my really lame "I live alone with my dog and spend too much time with him" entry. But seriously, he did the cutest thing Thursday morning. I had gotten up and was washing my face at the sink, and he was kind of rolling around at my feet. Anyway, I'm scrubbing away at my face, and I look down, and he's pawing his face. I stop, so he stops. Then I start again, and he starts again. It was so adorable. The only way he could have been cuter was if he had been wearing little doggy-boxer shorts that matched mine or something. Or maybe if he'd been in a large Easter basket. That would have been seriously cute.

But so, back to my story about the new couches and how Buck likes to jump over them. I did manage to gain video footage of this although I could not get him to actually jump as far as he did the first day. I think he may have hurt himself when he crashed into the fireplace and wised up a little. However, since I know you all want to see my lame home videos, here's Buck jumping over couches.

And here by popular demand (although I apologize for how dark the video is) is my old roommate's schnauser trying to hump Buck.
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