Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Buck THINKS he's smart

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So just because my dog thinks he's smart than me, it doesn't mean he is. Over the weekend while we were stuck in the house, I was yelling at him to get his nose out of the trash. A little while later, he's back with his ball. He looks at me. He drops it in the trash can. He looks at me again. He sticks his nose in the trash to fish it out.

This, of course, completely entertained me, so I let him keep doing it.

Then tonight as I was getting in the shower, the dog laid down by my shoes and starting sniffing lustfully at them as if he wanted to just chew them apart. I yelled at him to get away from my shoes. A few minutes later, he comes back with a ball. WHen I got out of the shower, the ball was in my shoes.

If he thinks he can get away with chewing up my Converse just because there's a ball in them, he's got another thing coming.
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