Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Rita has turned into a Category 5 Hurricane and is set to slam into the Texas coast Friday night, so our office is closed for the rest of the week to allow everyone to evacuate. I don't think my house will flood or fall down, but I've got no reason to stay in town, so Buck and I are headed to Austin to take refuge with my old roommate Matt. Apparently he's got a cool place on Westminster. I'm not sure Austin is really far enough, but it's probably better than just staying here.

Traffic is already hell with all the Galveston evacuees coming through. It was taking them 5 hours to get from Galveston to I-10 this afternoon. Then another two hours from I-10 to the Hardy Toll Road. It took me 2.5 to get from Allen Parkway to Spring going north on I-45. Hopefully I can sneak out 2920 to 290 or something.

Blue Steel was barely taking the heat. I'm really hoping he doesn't let me down and leave me stranded somewhere between here and Austin. I'm going to throw in some food, water and survival gear and get on the road as soon as my clothes are finished washing.

Supposedly Arick is meeting me there. We'll see if he actually leaves that new town home or if he thinks he can save his bamboo flooring by staying.

I have this horrible, nervous-worried feeling that something really bad is about to happen. I hope I'm wrong.
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