Friday, September 30, 2005


So I went to Fountainhead last night. It's my third time there on whatever they call their jam night. Basically all these local bands play four or five songs a piece, and some solo artists play with the house band, etc. It's got a cool feel to it, and some of the people are really talented.

Anyway, when I got there last night, this guy was doing Stevie Ray Vaughn with the house band, and he was amazing. Both his guitar and vocals were just spot on. I was very impressed. Then I heard Expansion Project, Somber Element, and Kid Fantastic. Expansion Project is kind of Creedish without the vocals. They've got the dark guitar and guitar solo thing. Kid Fantastic are Blink182 wannabes. They're OK, but they sound just like every other pop/punk band, and two weeks ago their vocalist SUCKED. I think they were much less drunk this week, and their singer had his shit together and was on key, so it was a lot better, but I can take them or leave them.

Somber Element was definitely the stand-out band of the night. They had catchy originals with some nice guitar work. Their singer had a good voice. They were just a good band.

Anyway, the crowd seemed a lot younger than usual. There was a group of guys and girls in there that reminded me of my brother and his crowd. They just seemed so young though. However, there was one girl in the group who was just smoking hot, and this real lame little guy wouldn't leave her alone, so I decided to go over and save her. I introduced myself, we talked. But finally, I was like, how old are you? She was 18. The last girl I met there was 36. This girl was 18. I guess if you average them together it evens out, but I sure would rather just meet someone my own age. I just went back to my stool and listened to another band.
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