Thursday, September 22, 2005

Going to bed

So here's the news ... nothing has happened yet.

I've been sitting around all night. The news is pre-empting everything, but they've got nothing new to report except that a hurricane is coming. It's like, thanks for the info. My question is, are all those evacuees still sitting on the freeway going to be off the freeway by the time this storm hits tomorrow? I'm seriously doubting it.

Apparently the National Guard has 200,000 gallons of gas in a bunch of tankers and are trying to refill all the motorists who have run out of gas and are stopping up traffic, but at this point it looks to be kind of a monumental task. I wish them all the best, but i'm going to be very surprised if those cars aren't still sitting tomorrow. It took my sister 14 hours to get to Tyler.

So on the home front, I made a disturbing discovery. My couches were infested with roaches. We never had roaches here. Then a couple days ago I started noticing them around. I'd kill them and move on. Then I was sitting on the couches for an extended period of time today, and I kept having bugs crawl on me. I finally got up, pulled the cusions off and shook things up. A mass of roaches started fleeing the couches. I grabed a can of HotShot and sprayed that whole room down. Unfortunately I now get a serious headache when I walk into that room from the fumes. However, hopefully when I take stock of the roach situation in the morning, I will find that they have all been exterminated.

Now if I could just get rid of Buck's fleas that have suddenly shown up. Looks like he's getting a bath in the morning.
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