Monday, September 19, 2005

The Gulf Coast Film Fiasco of 2005

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So we made it through the Gulf Coast Film Fest alive. No awards, but we had a good time. I think our $1,000 video held up quite well against the $50,000 productions it was shown with. We got a lot more laughs than the film that won best in show, that's for sure.

The picture above is from the reception. From left to right it's Scott, me, Will, Jill, Mark and Kay. I think Al was taking the picture.

Despite the fact that the hotel was a little bit on the seedy side, had black, water-damaged ceilings and smelled of mold, I think the whole thing came off OK. Of course, someone at the table picked up one of those little movie posters on the centerpiece to find they were stapled to Express Mail envelopes.

Why not splurge for a can of spray adhesive and a few sheets of card stock? Why not print the things on card stock to begin with? I don't know. I didn't stay for the raffle drawing, so we actually may have been encouraged to take those envelopes home and use them ... like a recycling thing.

Of course, no matter how weird the evening got, we all kept telling ourselves, "at least we'll get to chat with Armand Assante." Hey, I don't really know who he is either, but apparently he's an Emmy winner, and they had his picture and bio on EVERYTHING at the festival.

Unfortunately, he was in Russia making a movie, and we didn't get a speaker at the banquet. Plus, the music had already packed up and left and the food wasn't ready yet, so we just kind of sat for 45 minutes waiting for the buffet line to open. But HEY, we had fun doing it.

Sunday was insanely mundane. How do you come down from an experience like the Gulf Coast Film Festival? I just cleaned house. It needed to be done ... badly.

Oh, I also somehow got convinced to join a flag football league. I've never played football. In fact, I don't even know what all the positions are called. It doesn't start for two weeks, so I need to get really good at this really fast. Maybe there's a book I can read? Yeah, probably not.
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