Monday, September 12, 2005

Kamikaze Karaoke

I was going to stay in last night. You know, just rest and recuperate. However, the emptiness and loneliness of the house got a little overwhelming, so I had to get out for a while. I told myself I'd just stop off for one drink and then make myself go to bed. Yeah, like that plan ever works.

It was karaoke night at Acadia. Of course, I decided I had to stay and watch for a little while. But these people were SOoooo bad. I decided I had to sing one. I did Jumpin' Jack Flash. It was ok. Some old guy gave me a big thumbs up and bought me another round. I was like, thanks ... as long as I don't have to sleep with you later.

After that I decided I had to go up again, so I grabbed this random girl who had been singing country and asked her if she wanted to do Mendocino County Line with me. Oh, she was horrible, but the crowd loved it.

More drinks were waiting for me when I got back to my spot at the bar.

A round later I'm up on stage again doing Rebel Yell. Then I finished up the night with Turn it on, Turn it up, Turn me loose by Dwight Yoakum. They loved that one. Three drinks showed up at once as I returned to the bar. Then this 200-pounder started telling me about her 7-year-old and hinting about taking me home, so I had to get out of there.

I'm going to spend the evening working out (for like the first time in two weeks) and then get on the guitar and put a set together for open mic night Wednesday at Acadia and Thursday at Fountainhead.
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