Friday, September 30, 2005

NICE Prank

So I got to work this morning to find a virtual forest had sprung up within my cubicle. Someone had taken every fake plant in the office and moved them onto the floor behind my desk. I have to say, it was a very nice prank. It took me a full five minutes to clear the plants out. The bendy stick-figure man with the leaf cape peering over the back of my chair was an especially nice touch. The attention to detail instantly made me think of one very talented prankster, but I thought, no, couldn't have been her. I figured it must have been the writers.

The writers arrive. They have no idea what I'm talking about. So I think, it must have been Sarina and some of the designers since Sarina's desk got pranked last. They had no clue.

That only left the Account Execs. They had no clue what I was talking about, and hadn't even seen it.

Either someone is very good at keeping quiet or it was YOU. Yes, YOU know who YOU are. Nice prank, but if I find proof that it was YOU, there will be retribution. Oh yes, there will be a prank of Biblical proportions.

Other than that my day was pretty uneventful. Although it was my boss's birthday, so we had a party in our new office cafe for him, and broke out some MAJOR karaoke. Rowan did "Down Under." T-Bone did "Do you really want to hurt me." George did "Sweet Caroline." Then I did the opening to "Killing me softly" and skipped on to "Stop in the Name of Love." Of course I sang them as high as possible in the girl register, which made them incredibly horrible. For some reason the microphone got shoved into my hands and only girl songs came up. You've just got to roll with it.

A few of us grabbed drinks at Rudyards after work. That was pretty uneventful too except that Sarina made a three-foot long straw and was randomly siphoning out of various drinks around the table, which was hilarious. You'd look down and there was this straw sucking your drink away.

Now I'm home. Buck needs attention. I need to crash out. More blogging tomorrow.
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