Friday, September 23, 2005

Only the roaches will survive the apocalypse

EXCEPT at my house. Buck and I went on an all-out roach-killing spree last night. If I have to sit on those black couches and watch the world end, I'm sure not doing it with roaches crawling on me. I think we got them cleaned out. Actually Buck wasn't much help at all. He kept trying to lay back down on the couches while I was still scooting them around and shaking them out.

They're showing the burning bus of senior citizens over and over on the news. That's so sad. I mean, the nursing home was trying so hard to avoid a New Orleans situation, and yet the charter bus explodes and still kills a bunch of their patients. It's like a bad scene out of Final Destination 3.

I've been cleaning house all morning. I know, it makes no sense. My windows may all blow out, and then what does it matter whether the carpet was vacuumed or not. I just don't have much to do, and I usually work on my car to clear my mind, but there's nothing currently wrong with the car, so I had to find something.

While I was vacuuming, the light on the front of the vacuum cast a giant shadow of Buck on the wall in the hall, and he saw it and freaked out. He keeps timidly poking his head into the bedrooms looking for the giant shadow monster. I tried to explain it to him, but he's not listening to me. I'm wondering if the storm is going to freak him out or not. He doesn't usually get scared by thunder, so who knows?

The weather this morning was cool and breezy. Still no sign of an actual storm when you walk outside. I'll keep everyone posted as things develop ... at least for as long as I can.
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