Friday, September 23, 2005

Still waiting

Buck and I are still here. Still waiting. The sky has gotten cloudy, and there's some wind picking up, but it's still not bad outside. I'm about to make a bunch of sandwiches to put into the cabinets in the front bathroom. It's my one good interior room. Hopefully if we get trapped in there, I can keep Buck out of the sandwiches. I told him that I will do all I can to save him, but if he eats all the food, I will not hesitate to go Vietnamese on his ass. I even told him I'm sitting here downloading dog recipes just in case. He doesn't know I'm actually just blogging.

Karla called. She didn't leave town as planned. That now puts me, Arick, Andrew and Karla all still here. I'm thinking we should meet somewhere for a drink as soon as this thing is over. (I think Karla just called because she wanted a mention on the blog. I'm not saying she's a blog whore or anything, but ...)

I've got to slow down on the M&Ms. I only have 9 packs left. However, I did realize that since these are Halloween M&Ms, they have glow-in-the-dark wrappers. That's going to be extrememly handy if the power goes out.
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