Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Total Volleyball Domination

We won all three of our games tonight at Third Coast Beach Club. That brings our season record to 9-3 and solidy puts us into second place, if not first. I think we've got four more weeks to go. Hopefully we can hold on to our lead.

Maryam actually came out tonight. For those who have no idea who Maryam is, she's a designer that works in our office, but she's Iranian, and I don't know how long she's actually been the US. She's very shy though and quiet, and COMPLETELY scared of dogs - even my boss's tiny ones. However, she and her husband came out to support the volleyball team, and Eddie even played pretty well. We couldn't get Maryam on the court during the actual games, but we coerced her into playing a few rounds for fun afterwards.

I watched Supernatural again Tuesday night. That's three episodes in a row. That means I either like the show or I need to find some activity to fill my Tuesday nights. They do suspense well, but the dead lake boy in this episode didn't look as scary as the monsters in the previous two.

Supposedly last week's Rita-pre-emmpted OC is showing Saturday afternoon. I know you were all worried about that.
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