Thursday, September 22, 2005


Well, I made another search for gasoline this morning, but couldn't turn any up. There were several other cars pulling in and circling stations with me. Unfortunately, I now have so little gas in my car that I'm worried the next trip out to look for gas, I won't make it back. I do have a couple gallons in a can that I keep for the lawnmower, but I'm torn between just saving it or putting it in the car now in hopes of finding more. I think I'm better off just sitting here and waiting it all out.

I got a report from my friend Arick that some of his friends did leave for Austin last night and 12 hours later, they still hadn't arrived. It's probably a good thing I didn't just risk it and stay on the road last night.

Once I realized I'd be staying I started filling jugs with water. I've got 5 or 6 milk and orange juice containers filled up as well as a couple canteens. I figure I'm good for at least a week. Today I'm cleaning the bathtubs, and tomorrow I'll go ahead and fill them up, so I have water to flush the toilets, etc if it actually goes off.

Luckily I'm a very self-reliant type of guy thanks to all those years of Buy Scouts. I'm pretty much ready for anything. As long as the house doesn't fall in and crush me, I'll be fine. Even then, I'll probably still be fine. I'm more worried about all my friends and family who are now trapped on the freeways trying to evacuate. My sister and her husband left this morning at 7 a.m. and at 9 a.m. were still sitting parked on 59 North in an HOV lane. That's got to suck. The cell phone circuits aren't working too well, so I haven't been able to touch base with them to see how far they've gotten since then.

So many people are headed to Austin, I hope Austin is going to be safe. I'm worried about it all.

The weather's not even bad yet. It's just hot and balmy. I guess all that's going to change tomorrow night.
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