Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another Victory

We won all three of our beach volleyball games again tonight. That puts our record at 12-3 for the season, and keeps us in first place. If the other team we're tied with lost one of their three games tonight, first place is ours, but if they won all three we're still in a tie for the lead. I'm guessing they won all three because they were playing the team we KILLED last week.

I was a little worried as we started this evening. Cruz and wife were late, so we had to start playing with just 5 people on the court as we didn't have three girls. Then second game everyone was out of it or drunk or something, and I watched from the sideline as we let them rack up an 8-0 lead. Chiki pulled a Samurai serve out of nowhere though and brought us back into the lead. I think we ended up winning that game 21-11 or something.

Next week's team should be another pushover, but in two weeks we play the other team tied for first. Prepare for a battle royale.
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