Monday, October 24, 2005

The Dell is dead

I wish I could say things are looking up. I mean, I put in a good, honest hard-days work today. Surely that counts for something? Unfortunately my luck remains bleak. I left the office at 7:00 and met with my realtor. She estimates that I'm going to have to bring $10,000 to the table at closing to sell my house. Hold on, let me just crap that into my gold-plated toilet.

Anyway, as if that wasn't bad enough my Dell died in it's sleep last night. I thought I might be able to revive it when I got home tonight, but now the screen's not even coming on. It just makes a noise and then shuts back off. I've still got the studio computer, but I had lyrics to about 15 songs I'd written and half a movie script on the other machine that are now vaporized. Then there was the work stuff, the address books, the photos. It really sucks.

I've got to get to bed.
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