Thursday, October 13, 2005

I've only been home to sleep

The last two days have been LOOOOOOONG. I’ve only been home to sleep.

Tuesday a client brought Neil Diamond tickets into the office, and so six of us went to The Tavern after work and then onto the concert.

I made everyone mad at me at The Tavern because we had this really cute waitress, and all the frustrated guys were enjoying ogling her. Anyway, I started chatting her up a little—complementing her salesmanship, and she was telling me that she’d worked there for six months now. So then I asked if she had aspirations above The Tavern, and she was like, of course, and started telling me all about how she was studying to be a Physician’s Assistant and maybe eventually go to medical school, etc. Maybe I was just feeling overconfident or maybe it was the fourth pitcher of beer, but then I came back with, “That’s good because I couldn’t see myself dating someone who’s just a waitress.”

Well, she turned red, and said something like “me neither” and then rushed off NEVER to return to the table. She just stood over at this other table talking to some other guys and they all kept looking back at us. One of my friends actually had to go find her to get our bill. Yeah, the guys from the office are still harassing me over that one. I think I got asked if I “had aspirations” about 30 times yesterday.

However, despite our little incident at The Tavern, Neil ROCKED. Yeah, old men can rock too. The thing about Neil is that he found his niche. I still haven’t found my songwriting niche. Am I rock? Am I country? Am I pop? I don’t know. I’ve got to figure out what I do. Then maybe when I’m 70 I’ll still have 25-year-old throwing their panties on stage for me.

Yesterday pretty much sucked. While I at least didn’t wake up naked in Neil’s hotel room, it was still hell dragging myself out of bed. I had to get to work early to proofread a computer selection guide. Then I ended up being stuck there until 8:00 last night proofreading a foodservice catalog.

I drove straight from the office to volleyball, and got there just in time for our 8:30 game. We won two out of three, which is good, but last week we were tied for first with a 12-3 record. Now we’re 14-4. So if the other team we were tied with lost a game, we’re still tied for first, but if they won all three, we’re in second. Second’s not bad, it’s just not where I want to be.

Anyway, I didn’t go out after volleyball. I went to the grocery store. I’d been putting it off for over a week, and I was down to bread and canned soup at home. I had to get some actual food.

I don’t really like the grocery store. I wish my groceries were just delivered.

No O.C. tonight. More baseball. Hopefully the Astros won’t suck it up again.

Today is my mom's birthday. I'm taking serious flack because all I got her was an eCard. I guess I'll go find her something else after work.
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