Sunday, October 09, 2005

Longest game EVER!

That was the longest Astros game of all time I think. I had to stop drinking at the 12th inning because I wasn't going to be able to walk out of the bar.

Let me start from the beginning.

I got up this morning and went and played golf with two of my friends from work. Yes, I should have been in church, but the weather was so nice this weekend that I let these guys talk me into golf. So I borrowed some clubs and drove down to Sharpstown to play with them.

Since we only had 3 in our group, the club put this old guy into our group. His name was Colonel Black, and he'd been in both Vietnam and Korea. I swear he was about the coolet old guy that I'd ever hung out with. Plus, he'd been playing golf since 1968, so he had a lot of pointers to share. Believe me, I needed the pointers. I hadn't swung a club since college.

We started at 9:20, and we didn't finish until 2:45. Then we decided to grab some lunch, so we decided to go to Hooters to watch the Astros play. They were down by 5 when we got there, and they almost immediately tied it up at 6-6. Then the game just went ON and ON and ON and ON, and at the end of the 12th I was like, if I don't stop drinking and go home, I may never get there. That was at 4:30. Then the game was still going when I got home. Crazy. We won though. Whoop that.

Oh, and I'm totally sunburned from golf. When I take my shirt off it's like, "I'm not a farmer, I just enjoy the tan."

The Playhouse is holding auditions for The Sound of Music. I swore off musical theater a while back after South Pacific, but I'm really tempted. It would get my acting chops back up to par, my singing gets so much better during those shows, and it would make me quit smoking. Not that I smoke a lot, but I'd have to keep my throat healthy, so I would definitely stop all this late-night chain smoking in bars.

On the downside, the volleball season isn't over yet, and I'd totally have to bail on the team. I don't really want to do that when we're having such a great winning season. I guess I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow.
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