Monday, October 17, 2005

A Looooooong Sunday Night and my Buzzfest Dilemma

It was a crazy Sunday. I spent the afternoon cleaning house, mowing the lawn, etc., but Sunday night Arick and T-Bone took me out on the town. Until last night I'd never actually been to a "club" in Houston. I'm more of a bar guy. Anyway, they took me to The Social. Then we went to Excobar. Then we went to Bond. Then we capped the night at Baker Street. T-Bone and I ended up in IHOP about 2:30 a.m. Ironically, I was the only one who actually made it to work by 8:00. However, today was rough. I was nursing a hangover all morning, and then trying not to fall asleep all afternoon. That's the price you pay I guess.

A funny note: My friends recognized two girls while we were out. The first one was a stripper from Colorado. The second one was a Hooters girl. What does that tell you about where my friends are spending all their free time?

Now, as to my Buzzfest dilemma. I have these incredible Buzzfest tickets, but the girl I bought them for no longer acknowledges my existence. So I asked all my guy friends if they want to go, but they've all got conflicts. I don't want to go by myself. I'm wondering if I should just take my tickets in one hand, a rose in the other, and stand outside Reliant stadium until some random stranger shows up and would like to watch some bands with me. Who cares where they come from, whether it be someplace like The Woodlands or even Austin. It would just be two strangers enjoying some music, and afterwards they'd never have to speak again. Is there any harm in that? It would be better than me standing there alone.

My little brother showed up tonight. He's in Houston for a job interview, so we're hanging out and watching the Stros. Hopefully they're going to get it together and win this one, so we can finally get to a World Series.

I'm definitely crashing as soon as this game is over. Arick and T-Bone kept me out way too late last night.
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