Monday, October 03, 2005

More stories from the road

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Blue Steel ran excellent all the way to Fredericksburg and back. Unfortunately, I've been having this tendency to zone out while driving lately. I mean, we all do it. We get in the car, zone out, and show up at our destination - not really remembering any of the drive there.

My zoning out has gotten worse though. I don't make it to my destination. I just keep driving. There's been several times recently when I'll be coming home down I-45 and go into a zone out. I'm usually at the Rayford Sawdust exit in The Woodlands before I realize I've passed my exit. It sucks.

It sucks more when it happens on a road trip.

I zoned out in Austin when 290 merged with I-35 and completely missed the Houston turn-off. Then, not knowing I had missed it, I hit the point on I-35 where they had it closed for construction. I had to sit in gridlock traffic while we exited the freeway. Then, when it finally opened back up, I just took off heading north. It wasn't until up past Round Rock around Georgetown somewhere that I started thinking, "none of this looks familiar."

Of course, I didn't have a map, so I stopped at a gas station and asked the attendent if I was still on 290. She was like, "I don't know no 290. This is the way to Dallas."

I made the U-turn, and drove back into Austin. Sat through all the road construction going back the other way, and finally found the Houston exit.

All in all, it added about an hour and a half onto my drive home.

Yeah, I'll let you drive next time.
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