Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Gecko Left

So about two weeks ago I noticed a little gecko in the front bathroom bathtub. Since I'm the only one living here and nobody ever comes to visit me up here on the northside, that bathroom never gets used. So every other day or so for the last two weeks, I'd stop in and say hi to the little gecko and run some water in the bathtub for him, so he'd have moisture if he needed it. Then on Wednesday night, he was gone. I checked again last night and he was still gone. Then this morning I walked into the living room and he was sitting right in the middle of the entryway staring up at me. I walked over to him, opened the front door, and he ran out. It's probably best that way. I'm sure he'll go meet a nice gecko girl and have a big gecko family someday.

In other news, this week was really busy. Club Monkey finally posted the volleyball standings. The team we're tied with also lost one game this week, so we're both vying for first place with 14-4 records. We play the second place team this coming Wednesday. It's the last game of the regular season, so if they beat us, it's going to knock us out of first and into third. Then playoffs start the week after that. Playoffs are fun because instead of just playing one match a night, you just keept playing until you lose 2 out of 3 to someone.
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