Thursday, October 06, 2005

Office Putt Putt

We moved into this HUGE office a couple weeks ago. We don't have nearly enough employees to fill it up yet, so there's a lot of extra floor space. Well, somebody brought in a golf ball, a putter, and one of those little portable hole things, so we could practice putting. Well, that was fun, but I was like, why not buy some more of these portable holes, build some ramps and windmills, and just create a complete putt putt course in the office? I mean, why not? Plus, it's great for me because I am the undisputed office putt putt champion. Sure, I may have lost at ping pong, but is ping pong even a sport? I don't think so. It's just a game. Putt putt is an actual sport -- like ultimate frisbee. I think my bosses are going to go for this. They just might have a problem when I suggest we pull up the carpet and put sand under it to make some terrain and add some texture to the course.

Speaking of sand, I totally didn't shower before I flopped down into bed last night because I forgot I'd been playing volleyball. I have got to wash sheets. If I sleep in sandy sheets two nights in a row, you know it's just the ultimate in laziness. But, I better get them off the bed right now because if I don't, I will end up flopping back down on them in about an hour.
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