Sunday, October 02, 2005


I had a strange Saturday. I should have gotten up early and done my errands, but I didn't. I layed around the house until they rebroadcast The OC at 12:30. Then only after that did I attempt any errands.

Of course, the post office was already closed, and the bank was already closed, but I did manage to get a haircut and to drop my new blazer off at the cleaners to get the sleeve stitched up.

I spent $130 on a blazer at the GAP. I wear it twice, and somebody's like, hey your seam is open on your sleeve. Of course, I can't find my receipt - not that I'm even sure they'd exchange it after I've worn it. Those GAP people need to teach their 6-year-old slave laborers in China how to sew better. Now on top of the $130 I already paid for it, I'm having to pay another $15 to get the sleeve sewn back up.

Somehow I have knack for getting defective products. If I was to walk up to a shelf full of identically labeled boxes, I could pick up the one with the broken stuff in it. That's just how my life goes.

Anyway, I decided to buy groceries and rent a movie. Now I only have a VCR right now, but I walk into Blockbuster and the only VHS they've got in the store is Defensive Driving. I don't really want to watch that.

I decide to get The Last Samurai on DVD because Arick had been talking about it at work the other day, and I'm way behind on movies that came out on the last year or two. I think, I can watch this on my cmoputer. Well, that turned out to be a trick. I put it in, and it starts playing the sound in Windows Media Player, but not the video. Then I try Nero Showtime, that won't play it at all. Then I try Dell PowerDVD. I finally get picture and video, but it's incredibly jumpy. It's like there's not enough of a memory buffer or something.

The fact that the movie is jumpy and the sound keeps cutting in and out is bad enough. Then right after the ninja attack, the movie freezes altogether and quits. That scene won't play. The next scene won't play. I'm pissed. I take the DVD back to Blockbuster and exchange it for a non-scratched one. I come home, put it back in the computer, and it plays, but there's no sound. While I was gone, all the sound on my computer quit. It wasn't even detecting a soundcard.

I spend 30 minutes trying to redetect the soundcards, rebooting, trying various things. I finally decide I've got to shut down the computer, pull the card out, restart without the card, then put it back in and restart with the card. Well, as I'm shutting down to do this, the sound kicks back on. I'm like, WTF?!!!!

At that point Arick calls because he and his friends are at Taipei on FM 1960. They NEVER come to the north side, but apparently they met this girl who works there, and came to see her. I show up, and they're eating sushi and drinking sake. I had a little, but I'm not a big sushi fan.

I got home and tried to finish The Last Samurai, but fell asleep. Maybe I'll try again tonight.
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