Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday Night at the Office

Well, I was two-and-a-half hours late to work this morning due to my motorcycle wreck. I'm still amazed at how I walked away from that more or less unscathed. I have to say, I have the best writing staff working with me. When I finally showed up they had a balloon and a pie for me. Somehow motorcycle wrecks must equate to a birthday -- except instead of getting presents you have to pay an $85 towing bill and a $500 insurance deductible. SON OF A BITCH!

My wrist is still hurting, and I can't pick up anything heavy in my left hand or there's some MAJOR pain. Luckily I've surfed a lot of Internet porn in my day, so I'm pretty adept at typing with just one hand. (Just kidding ... but not really.)

My brother showed up at my house last night and watched the Astros with me. It was pretty random because he's supposed to be at college in Stillwater, OK. Even more random was that he showed up in a Toyota Corrola with Alaska license plates. I was like WTF? Apparently it belongs to a girl he goes to school with from Alaska, and he just borrowed it because it gets like 35 mpg. He had a job interview in Fort Worth yesterday morning, and then he had one here in Houston this morning. The kid is in high demand.

I'm stuck at the office tonight waiting to proof some work the Aussie is doing. Kind of lame.

Tomorrow night is our last regular season volleyball game. If we win we'll finish first in the league. It couldn't have been worse timing for this wrist injury. However, that may not even be a factor because I have a feeling I may be stuck here with the Aussie again tomorrow night trying to finish football stuff.

Why is it me and the Aussie always end up alone at the office after hours? Not that I haven't fantasized about this scenario before ... it just wasn't him in the fantasies. (It was totally George.)

OH, BTW, last night some people were attempting to hula hoop, and I don't know if everyone here just had a deprived hoopless childhood or what, but nobody could keep the hula going for more than three spins. Anyway, I had to step up and show them how it's done. However, instead of being amazed at my mad hula hooping skills they just started mocking my form. Something about, "It looks like you're humping a dog." However, they still called for repeat performances today. I don't remember why, but as children we actually used to ride skateboards up and down our driveway while hula hooping. What can I say? I'm just a natural athlete.

I guess I'm going to go stand behind the Aussie to see if it makes him uncomfortable enough that he tells me to just go home and proof this crap in the morning.
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