Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Out of Time

Sorry for the lack of updates, but all I've done for the last two days is write. I didn't get home until 8:00 tonight, and so I watched TV and ate dinner for an hour then it was back to writing. I'm crashing now, so I can get back to it very early tomorrow.

I can't wait for vacation next week.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

In the holiday spirit!

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Why do I take so much pleasure in harassing the dogs? I don't know. Maybe it's because they react so well. We spent half an hour Saturday night putting these reindeer antlers on them and trying to take a picture. Maggie would actually wear hers for a while because she was so focused on getting a treat. Buck on the other hand did not want them on his head. He'd paw his off and then run over to Maggie and pulls hers off too. Then he'd run laps around the yard with the antlers in his mouth playing keep away with us. Those dogs are hours of entertainment.

So believe it or not, we actually talked my mom into going with us to Juarez Saturday. She did well until we stopped to eat. Then just the thought of eating in Mexico made her sick. She didn't touch a bit of the food. The rest of us got the buffet. I thought it was pretty good, but my brother freaked out over the fact that there were potatoes in the tacos.

I picked up a cool shirt, and a big Mexican blanket. The bootleg Hard Rock and Harley Davidson shirts were cracking me up. You can buy a Hard Rock Cafe shirt in every shop in Juarez.

A word of advice, if you take the trolley across, skip all the stops until you get to the market. They're all selling the exact same crap, but there's a ton of competing booths in the market, so you can haggle stuff WAY down. If I could do it again, I'd take the trolley to the market, go walk around downtown, then go back to the market and drink with some sexy latinas until the trolley showed back up. (Yes, I would rather drink cerveza with sexy latinas instead of politely sipping a diet coke with my mother.)

I'm glad to be back in Houston. I did all my laundry as soon as I got home. I'm off to figure out what I'm doing with my evening.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving in El Paso

I made the trip to El Paso to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. I think it was the first time that my brother, my sister, and myself have been somewhere together for a holiday in at least two years. It's definitely the first time I've travelled anywhere for a holiday in five years because at the newspaper we only got the day of the holiday off. I'm REALLY looking forward to a full week of vacation this Christmas.

I got a voicemail from Mark Hayter yesterday. Something about someone in North Carolina being interested in From the Rooftop. I'm a little bit excited -- but trying not to be. What's in North Carolina? Even if it's nothing I guess it still gives us an excuse to get together and write some more episodes, which is half the fun anyway.

I went and saw "Good Night and Good Luck" last night. It was about Ed Murrel and CBS taking on Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s. Very interesting movie. They used all the old newsreels of McCarthy and the Congressional hearings. Definitely not geared for the teeny-bopper crowd, so it probably won't make much money, but a good flick nonetheless.

We're trying to decide what to do today. So far options have been golf or hiking through the Franklins. I suggested we go to Mexico, but anytime anyone mentions Mexico my mom flips out and says we'll all get murdered. Now we're talking about driving to the Guadalupes. I guess it all depends on what time my brother finally gets out of bed.

Monday, November 21, 2005

When two dummies met

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I walked into work this morning to find this scene arranged behind my desk. It made me laugh.

Strange Weekend

I had a weird weekend. I met three people from myspace. It started with happy hour. Some people from the office and I went to 6th Street Bar & Grill in the Heights because Victoria from Myspace in the manager. Now, she lured me there with the promise of comp cards, etc. Did she deliver? No. And I bought a round. Somehow two beers and two whiskeys came out to $28. I don't think we'll be going back there.

Anyway, happy hour turned into four hours, and at 10:00 I got an invite to the Rice end-of-year soccer party from Betsy the Myspace BFFFF soccer lesbian. So I went to Little Woodrows and met up with Betsy and her friends. Betsy, you're hilarious. If you weren't lesbian, I'd be all over you. Let's karaoke soon!

My night could have been complete at that point, but I walked into Little Woodrows and there were my old TAMU Rec Center lifeguard friends. I hadn't seen them in forever. So, I ditched Betsy and the Rice party and went to Deco with the Aggies. Deco seems pretty classy, but it's not really my scene. There was this gorgeous girl dancing by herself, so I walked up and said, "Excuse me, but your extremely sexy dancing is distracting from my drinking." I thought this would make her laugh, but she was either high or retarded because she said, "I'm sorry," and sat down. Yes, I'm THAT smooth.

Anyway, Saturday was devoted to house cleaning. I had showings scheduled starting at 9:00, so I was up at 8:00 cleaning. I scrubbed the whole house down and did the yard, but nobody showed up until 11:45. I hate showing my house. People touch my stuff. They want to play my guitars. They want to beat on my drums. They want to mess with my Bowflex. They want to mess with my computers. I'm like, get the fuck out. However, I hold my tongue. I left for a while, but I ran out of places to go and errands to run by 2:30 and they kept showing up until almost 4:00. That's really annoying too because Saturday is my only day to chill out and I can't even do that because people keep showing up. I hate my commute, but I may hate selling my house more. I can't decide.

Saturday afternoon I had lunch at Goodson's Cafe and met Dana from Myspace. That girl is TALL -- and she's flunking college Algebra. Shame on you Dana. Do some practice problems and show your work on the test!

Saturday night I saw "Walk the Line." Good movie, but it's eerie how much Johnny Cash's first marriage seemed like mine. Mine just didn't last as long.

Sunday I slept until noon and then watched "American Psycho" with Jace. That's a freaky movie. Was it all in his head? I don't know. If it was, why were they painting that apartment? What went on?

It's a busy week at work. We've got two writers on vacation, so we're all pulling our weight and more. Just two more days until the break. I can't wait to see my parents and Buck.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fighting the Funk

Life's been better the last week or so. Things are looking up. Doors are opening. I still don't like not knowing whether or I'm going to sell the house, but I'm trusting that everything will work out the way it's supposed to.

I should be happy, right? I'm trying to be. I just keep getting in this funk.

You know, the heart is a funny organ. It's like when it gets hurt, it never really heals. It just kind of scars up, and you go on with your life doing your best not to think about it. But everytime it scars, it doesn't quite work as well as it did before.

I spent the whole evening working out trying to wear my body down enough that my mind will let me sleep tonight. I can't decide if I want to go drink or if I should stay home and try to go to bed.

I guess I'll call Arick and see if I've got a wingman.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

An old-timey radio show

One of my friends just approached me with the idea of producing an old-timey radio show. I know they have a radio theatre here in Houston where you can go and watch voice actors put on a murder mystery just like they used to do on the radio in the 20s and 30s. However, I'm just not sure whether or not there's a market or an audience for this. Of course, it sounds interesting, so I'm sure I'll do it anyway.

In the meantime, "From the Rooftop" is actually getting some airplay on Nassau Bay Television. I don't know why, when, or how often, but it's nice to hear that something productive came out of our showing at the Gulf Coast Film Festival.

The Necrophobia shoot wrapped around 1:30 a.m. Sunday night. It made for a long, tiring weekend, but how often do you get the chance to become a zombie?

I had to go to court this morning to testify in my divorce hearing. The judge signed off on everything, so I guess it's all final. I'm just not allowed to marry anyone for another 30 days. I don't think that's going to be a problem.

I spent the evening practicing guitar and then grabbed some Mexican food with Jace. I even got a little weight-lifting in.

Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving pot-luck lunch at work. I just bought a pie. It's lame, I know, but I own very little in the way of cooking utensils. In fact, the other day I was wondering if I could boil spaghetti in the coffee pot. While I think it IS feasible, I decided to just buy a pot instead.

I'm off to bed.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Brains ARE good!!!

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I spent the day on the set of Necrophobia. It took over three hours in the makeup chair to transform me into a zombie. During this process I learned two things, I hate contacts and I hate dentures.

We had red contacts to get that authentic "undead" effect. I've never worn contacts before, so it was a task getting them in. Then the right one was hurting all night. Not fun. Oh, and when I started poking myself in the eyes trying to get the contacts in, it made my nose start running like a faucet. That sucked because I couldn't blow it or even wipe it because it would screw up the makeup. The director was like, "Oh, I love that, go with it." So I'm the snotty zombie.

They have us these dentures that fit over your teeth, but of course, they didn't stick worth crap because denture cream sticks to your gums, not your teeth. It was impossible to talk with them in, and my teeth and gums are still hurting even though I took them out over two hours ago.

It was an interesting experience, but I'm not too stoked about having to do all this makeup again tomorrow. I couldn't imagine working on a show like Buffy or Star Trek or something where you'd have to put this much makeup on every single day. I don't think I could do it. I'd much rather be professionaly goodlooking.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Weird stuff I saw today

I went to Cafe Adobe for lunch with T-bone, and I don't know if it was just the ambiance of Cafe Adobe creating weird stuff or if the world in general was just weird today.

Anyway, we saw an old lady stab herself in the eye with a fork. She did it hard. She was crying. I guess the lesson learned is, if you tend to wave your arms wildly while telling a story, put down any pointy objects before you start talking.

After that I looked over to my left, and this big grackle had a whole bunch of Sweet & Low packets, and he was tearing them open and eating all the sugar out of them. His beak was all covered in white powder. He looked like a total cocaine addict -- except if the cocaine addict was a bird. It was funny. He was really good at tearing open the packets.

I was so tired today I came home right after work, and if it wasn't for the fact that I'm waiting on my sheets to dry, I'd so be in bed by now. My friends from work called me at 9:00 to see if I wanted to go out with them, but I just couldn't muster the energy to drive back downtown from Spring.

I lifted tonight and was able to go full weight with very minimal wrist pain. I'm enthused that I'm actually healing. Especially since Geico called today to remind me I had no medical coverage.

I sat down to read for a few minutes while I was waiting on laundry tonight, and since the date was 11-11, I decided to flip my Shakespeare anthology to 1111. It happened to be the scene from The Jew of Venice where Morocco chooses the gold casket in hopes of winning Portia's hand in marriage. Instead he finds a skull and this poem:

All that glitters is not gold;
Often you have heard that told;
Many a man his life hath sold
But my outside to behold.
Gilded tombs do worms infold.
Had you been as wise as bold,
Young in limbs, and judgement old.
Your answer had not been enscrolled.
Fare you well; your suit is cold.
Cold indeed and labour lost.
Then farewell heat, and welcome frost.

Did I make the mistake of choosing the golden casket? I know I ended up with the frost.

I'm going to bed. I've got to go act like a zombie tomorrow for the Necrophobia shoot. It should be fun. It's the first acting I've done since we shot From the Rooftop back in February.

Second Place

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Last night was the last volleyball games of the season. We rolled our way into the semis. Our first game was at 8:30 against a team that we hadn't actually played before because we were originally scheduled to play them the week Rita hit, so all games that week were cancelled. Their players had a real attitude problem and kept scooping the ball, so after about the fourth time they illegally scooped a serve our team captain started calling them on it. However, he has no social skills, so he came off very abrasive. This made things tense, which led to one of their punk-ass players getting all chesty, so I had to step up and settle things down. Of course, I stepped up thinking all my friends are out here, I'm sure they've got my back. I saw them all kind of slink away behind me. Nice.

Anyway, I got the situation resolved, and we went one and won the semis. However, "The Knockers" beat the crap out of us in the finals. They had this one guy who served like 12 straight points on us. Our back line just couldn't handle his power.

I'm pretty happy with second place. Last year we were dead last, so this is a vast improvement. I'm thinking next season I may try fours instead of sixes. I guess it just depends if I can find some good teammates.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

When Zombies Attack

I just got a call from one of my producer friends. They need "special zombies" for a shoot this weekend. I thought I was done with acting and music and would just focus on my writing for a while, but opportunities have suddenly started popping up again. One of my other friends heard a song I wrote a couple months ago last week and liked it so much he wants to make a video. The catch is, I have to find some decent musicians to learn and re-record the song with me, so that we have a decent recording for the video. Everything has to be shot in sync with that track, so it needs to be really good. I just haven't had time to try and find other musicians yet.

Anyway, the zombie thing this weekend should be fun. Apparently there's going to be all sorts of make up and prosthetics. However, it does put a damper on attending the art show I was planning to go to with all my friends from work Saturday night.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The days are too short

The days are absolutely flying by this week. I've been so tired. My goal for tonight was to be in bed by 9:00 to catch up on my sleep, but obviously that didn't happen. I did however spend a much-needed 30 minutes of quality time on the elliptical trainer. I've been eating Halloween candy by the fistful, and I haven't really worked out since the motorcycle accident, so it's time to kick things back into gear.

The volleyball team has rolled their way into the semis. We play tomorrow night at 8:30. If we win that game, we then play in the finals at 9:30. I missed the last two games. Hopefully I'll make the one tomorrow night, and we'll bring home the title! I wonder if there's a plaque or anything. I could win it for a plaque. It would also be nice to drink champagne out of those big trophies with a couple of bikini models. I don't know if co-ed recreational league is going to spring for the models -- or the champagne.

I got my 1GB XD card for my new camera in the mail yesterday. I should never run out of memory again. Now if I could just find something to take a picture of. Oh, but did I mention that I was actually able to sell the broken camera to some guy for $20? I think he really just wanted the smartmedia card, but hey, $20 for my trash is a deal any day of the week. I should post more of my broken stuff on craigslist.

Anyway, tomorrow is one of my friend's birthdays, but the old birthday song is so boring. I penned her this little ditty tonight in hopes of making her day a little more special. She deserves it.

Well, it's off to bed, and then back to the grind tomorrow.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Incredibly Quick update

I got the TV to stop speaking Spanish. If you go three menus deep into the A/V main menu it says "Listen in:" and you can choose "Mono," "Stereo," or "SAP." It was set to SAP. I got that corrected.

Fixed my notebook. I talked to a friend who knew how to disconnect the monitor, so I finally got it completely disassembled yesterday. I cleaned and reseated everything. Now it works again. AND I know how to take a notebook apart. It's always such a feeling of accomplishment when you work on something, and you're actually able to fix it instead of break it worse. (I usually break it worse, so this feels really good.)

My little brother was in town all weekend. We jumped in the 1966 Ford and went off to investigate Supernatural phenomenon. (Not really, but that would have been cool.) We just hung out and drank. Then Maxim Magazine was holding this party/model search at my roommate's bar, so we went down there Saturday night. It was a bit overhyped.

I spent Sunday cleaning and working. Not fun. However, I did manage to sell my surfboard which has been sitting in my garage for 10 years on craigslist. I also found someone to haul off my broken washing machine. I love craigslist. At lunch I'm selling some guy my broken camera. Why do people want broken shit? I don't know.

It's time to work. More details later.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Television MADNESS

So Jace brought his big 60" TV when he moved in. Tonight I finally sat down and programmed the universal remote to work with it, set the channels, etc. Well, something VERY strange happened. Suddenly, all my network stations were in Spanish. Pirates of the Caribbean is playing on ABC in Spanish. All the commercials are in English, but the movie is in Spanish. I start flipping channels. UPN is in Spanish. The WB has no sound at all. Fox has no sound at all.

I think, maybe things are just going haywire at the networks, so I plug the cable back into the little TV to see. Everything is suddenly English again. I plug it back into the big TV. Everything is suddenly Spanish again.

I've gone through every menu I can find. I've reset and reseeked the channels. No matter what I do, it stays Spanish. I can't figure it out.

Ay de mi. Que Suerte?!!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Romeo was violent

I just finished reading Romeo & Juliet. I've seen the MTV version recently, and I've pretty much got Shakespeare in Love memorized, but I hadn't actually turned the pages of the play in a long time. I had forgotten that Romeo kills County Paris at the end. They leave that out in all the movies. I can't decide if it was just Shakespeare's trite way of racking up the death toll to create more of a tragedy or if it's that much more amazing that Romeo was willing to kill someone else just so that he could die with his love.

I've got to go to the bank tonight and drop off a night deposit. It's right by Barnes & Noble, so I may stop in and see if they have a new book that catches my eye.

My little brother's going to be in town again tomorrow for another job interview, but I don't know if I'm going to see him. Apparently the company is taking him out Thursday and Friday. Personally, if I were him, I would test their family values and say, "Sorry, I couldn't take a job with you unless you bought some free food for my brother, too." I'm so sick of peanut butter and jelly, by the way. It's all I've had for lunch for almost two weeks now. The one highlight was the Wavy Lays Augratin chips, but George ate all of those today.

Oh, and if you're wondering how many packages of Sugar Babies can be eaten in a row before total sickness -- the answer is 7. I think pack number 8 would have made me vomit for sure. (We have WAY too much Halloween candy sitting around our office.)

I'm going to go run errands, so I can get to bed.

The Pumpkins

All the entries from our 2005 Pumpkin Carving Contest are now online.

Just Cleaning

I've been living alone for a while now. I'll admit, I'm a little on the lazy side as far as cleaning goes. However, I thought I had kept the place pretty sanitary. Apparently not. My realtor called this afternoon absolutely disgusted. Needless to say I've spent the entire night cleaning. Mostly there was just a bunch of laundry laying around, but I think maybe what upset the realtor were the stack of Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie catalogs in the kitchen. Easily explained: the ex ordered stuff from them or I ordered stuff from them for the ex. Therefore, the catalogs keep showing up. However, when you combine that with the "inflatable party doll" box in the bedroom, I start looking like a total perv. The inflatable party doll was, of course, for my Halloween costume.

BTW, those pictures can now be viewed at Just click on the folder that says "Adcetera Halloween Party." Unfortunately there's not many of me in there which always makes for an uglier batch. It's also unfortunate that the last photo my camera took before it met its demise was of doll-on-doll inflatable sex. So sad.

So I spent the evening doing laundry, scrubbing the kitchen, throwing out all suggestive/incriminating paraphenelia. Jace showed up and moved in. He brought his giant TV. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a DVD player either. Maybe I'll finally break down and buy one with some of the motorcycle insurance money. I think they're only like $30 these days.

I'm exhausted. I guess I'm going to have to finish the bedroom and the bathroom tomorrow night.

Beach volleyball playoffs start tomorrow night, but our game isn't until 9:30. I'm wondering if we're going to need jackets to play. What sucks is that my left hand still hurts from the motorcycle accident, Drew broke his toe, and Arick was out sick today. That puts half the team on the injured list. I think I can play though. I just have to talk myself into actually waiting around that late.

Supposedly Dave's in town. I don't think I'm on his agenda though.