Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The days are too short

The days are absolutely flying by this week. I've been so tired. My goal for tonight was to be in bed by 9:00 to catch up on my sleep, but obviously that didn't happen. I did however spend a much-needed 30 minutes of quality time on the elliptical trainer. I've been eating Halloween candy by the fistful, and I haven't really worked out since the motorcycle accident, so it's time to kick things back into gear.

The volleyball team has rolled their way into the semis. We play tomorrow night at 8:30. If we win that game, we then play in the finals at 9:30. I missed the last two games. Hopefully I'll make the one tomorrow night, and we'll bring home the title! I wonder if there's a plaque or anything. I could win it for a plaque. It would also be nice to drink champagne out of those big trophies with a couple of bikini models. I don't know if co-ed recreational league is going to spring for the models -- or the champagne.

I got my 1GB XD card for my new camera in the mail yesterday. I should never run out of memory again. Now if I could just find something to take a picture of. Oh, but did I mention that I was actually able to sell the broken camera to some guy for $20? I think he really just wanted the smartmedia card, but hey, $20 for my trash is a deal any day of the week. I should post more of my broken stuff on craigslist.

Anyway, tomorrow is one of my friend's birthdays, but the old birthday song is so boring. I penned her this little ditty tonight in hopes of making her day a little more special. She deserves it.

Well, it's off to bed, and then back to the grind tomorrow.
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