Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just Cleaning

I've been living alone for a while now. I'll admit, I'm a little on the lazy side as far as cleaning goes. However, I thought I had kept the place pretty sanitary. Apparently not. My realtor called this afternoon absolutely disgusted. Needless to say I've spent the entire night cleaning. Mostly there was just a bunch of laundry laying around, but I think maybe what upset the realtor were the stack of Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie catalogs in the kitchen. Easily explained: the ex ordered stuff from them or I ordered stuff from them for the ex. Therefore, the catalogs keep showing up. However, when you combine that with the "inflatable party doll" box in the bedroom, I start looking like a total perv. The inflatable party doll was, of course, for my Halloween costume.

BTW, those pictures can now be viewed at Just click on the folder that says "Adcetera Halloween Party." Unfortunately there's not many of me in there which always makes for an uglier batch. It's also unfortunate that the last photo my camera took before it met its demise was of doll-on-doll inflatable sex. So sad.

So I spent the evening doing laundry, scrubbing the kitchen, throwing out all suggestive/incriminating paraphenelia. Jace showed up and moved in. He brought his giant TV. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a DVD player either. Maybe I'll finally break down and buy one with some of the motorcycle insurance money. I think they're only like $30 these days.

I'm exhausted. I guess I'm going to have to finish the bedroom and the bathroom tomorrow night.

Beach volleyball playoffs start tomorrow night, but our game isn't until 9:30. I'm wondering if we're going to need jackets to play. What sucks is that my left hand still hurts from the motorcycle accident, Drew broke his toe, and Arick was out sick today. That puts half the team on the injured list. I think I can play though. I just have to talk myself into actually waiting around that late.

Supposedly Dave's in town. I don't think I'm on his agenda though.
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