Friday, November 11, 2005

Second Place

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Last night was the last volleyball games of the season. We rolled our way into the semis. Our first game was at 8:30 against a team that we hadn't actually played before because we were originally scheduled to play them the week Rita hit, so all games that week were cancelled. Their players had a real attitude problem and kept scooping the ball, so after about the fourth time they illegally scooped a serve our team captain started calling them on it. However, he has no social skills, so he came off very abrasive. This made things tense, which led to one of their punk-ass players getting all chesty, so I had to step up and settle things down. Of course, I stepped up thinking all my friends are out here, I'm sure they've got my back. I saw them all kind of slink away behind me. Nice.

Anyway, I got the situation resolved, and we went one and won the semis. However, "The Knockers" beat the crap out of us in the finals. They had this one guy who served like 12 straight points on us. Our back line just couldn't handle his power.

I'm pretty happy with second place. Last year we were dead last, so this is a vast improvement. I'm thinking next season I may try fours instead of sixes. I guess it just depends if I can find some good teammates.
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