Monday, November 21, 2005

Strange Weekend

I had a weird weekend. I met three people from myspace. It started with happy hour. Some people from the office and I went to 6th Street Bar & Grill in the Heights because Victoria from Myspace in the manager. Now, she lured me there with the promise of comp cards, etc. Did she deliver? No. And I bought a round. Somehow two beers and two whiskeys came out to $28. I don't think we'll be going back there.

Anyway, happy hour turned into four hours, and at 10:00 I got an invite to the Rice end-of-year soccer party from Betsy the Myspace BFFFF soccer lesbian. So I went to Little Woodrows and met up with Betsy and her friends. Betsy, you're hilarious. If you weren't lesbian, I'd be all over you. Let's karaoke soon!

My night could have been complete at that point, but I walked into Little Woodrows and there were my old TAMU Rec Center lifeguard friends. I hadn't seen them in forever. So, I ditched Betsy and the Rice party and went to Deco with the Aggies. Deco seems pretty classy, but it's not really my scene. There was this gorgeous girl dancing by herself, so I walked up and said, "Excuse me, but your extremely sexy dancing is distracting from my drinking." I thought this would make her laugh, but she was either high or retarded because she said, "I'm sorry," and sat down. Yes, I'm THAT smooth.

Anyway, Saturday was devoted to house cleaning. I had showings scheduled starting at 9:00, so I was up at 8:00 cleaning. I scrubbed the whole house down and did the yard, but nobody showed up until 11:45. I hate showing my house. People touch my stuff. They want to play my guitars. They want to beat on my drums. They want to mess with my Bowflex. They want to mess with my computers. I'm like, get the fuck out. However, I hold my tongue. I left for a while, but I ran out of places to go and errands to run by 2:30 and they kept showing up until almost 4:00. That's really annoying too because Saturday is my only day to chill out and I can't even do that because people keep showing up. I hate my commute, but I may hate selling my house more. I can't decide.

Saturday afternoon I had lunch at Goodson's Cafe and met Dana from Myspace. That girl is TALL -- and she's flunking college Algebra. Shame on you Dana. Do some practice problems and show your work on the test!

Saturday night I saw "Walk the Line." Good movie, but it's eerie how much Johnny Cash's first marriage seemed like mine. Mine just didn't last as long.

Sunday I slept until noon and then watched "American Psycho" with Jace. That's a freaky movie. Was it all in his head? I don't know. If it was, why were they painting that apartment? What went on?

It's a busy week at work. We've got two writers on vacation, so we're all pulling our weight and more. Just two more days until the break. I can't wait to see my parents and Buck.
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