Thursday, November 03, 2005

Television MADNESS

So Jace brought his big 60" TV when he moved in. Tonight I finally sat down and programmed the universal remote to work with it, set the channels, etc. Well, something VERY strange happened. Suddenly, all my network stations were in Spanish. Pirates of the Caribbean is playing on ABC in Spanish. All the commercials are in English, but the movie is in Spanish. I start flipping channels. UPN is in Spanish. The WB has no sound at all. Fox has no sound at all.

I think, maybe things are just going haywire at the networks, so I plug the cable back into the little TV to see. Everything is suddenly English again. I plug it back into the big TV. Everything is suddenly Spanish again.

I've gone through every menu I can find. I've reset and reseeked the channels. No matter what I do, it stays Spanish. I can't figure it out.

Ay de mi. Que Suerte?!!!!
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