Thursday, November 10, 2005

When Zombies Attack

I just got a call from one of my producer friends. They need "special zombies" for a shoot this weekend. I thought I was done with acting and music and would just focus on my writing for a while, but opportunities have suddenly started popping up again. One of my other friends heard a song I wrote a couple months ago last week and liked it so much he wants to make a video. The catch is, I have to find some decent musicians to learn and re-record the song with me, so that we have a decent recording for the video. Everything has to be shot in sync with that track, so it needs to be really good. I just haven't had time to try and find other musicians yet.

Anyway, the zombie thing this weekend should be fun. Apparently there's going to be all sorts of make up and prosthetics. However, it does put a damper on attending the art show I was planning to go to with all my friends from work Saturday night.
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