Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005

Another Christmas has come and gone. My parents camed from El Paso and my brother drove down from Stillwater, and the whole family got together at my house to celebrate. It was a celebration very different from years past. For starters, there were no mornings. We haven't bothered getting up before 11 a.m. yet. We all kind of roll out of bed at 11:00, and my mom makes breakfast for us at noon. It's a schedule I like being on, and definitely a sharp contrast to Christmases of the past when we were all out of bed at 4 a.m. to see what Santa had left beneath the tree. I don't even have a tree this year. It's lame, I know, but the cost and the mess outweighed the tradition and decor values.

I scored quite a few pairs of socks and underwear this year, and I'm quite happy to have them. Of course, I think the best gift is having my family here -- especially since my mom is insisting on cooking and cleaning. I haven't eaten this well in months.

Of course, it's not all joy. The family is smaller this year. The ex is gone as are all the in-laws. At moments that still makes me sad. Also, last night my grandfather had a stroke. He's in the hospital in Amarillo, and supposedly doing OK, but now we're all wishing we'd decided to go to the Panhandle, so we could have been with him. Of course, with the stress of having all of us there, he might have had a large stroke instead of just a small stroke, so maybe it's best that we stayed home. I don't know.

Overall it's been a good Christmas. We spent today throwing the football around in the yard and grilling hamburgers. Then my brother-in-law brought over his Xbox, and we spent the whole evening fighting each other in some Star Wars game and killing each other in Halo 2. I suck so bad at that stuff. I haven't had a video game system since the Sega Genesis, and we only had two games for that -- Jurassic Park and Evander Holyfield's Boxing.

Tomorrow is my parents' last day in town, so I'm going to make sure I get up before 11 a.m. I've also got a ton of errands to run, bills to pay, etc. I want to make sure I get that done, so I can spend the rest of my precious few days off enjoying myself.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday, and to those of you whom I can no longer just call to say hello, I hope you had an extra-special Christmas.
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