Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas Party Weekend

It's been a weekend of Christmas festivities. Friday night Arick's friends were throwing a big feast/party. It sounded like fun, so I just caught a ride from him afterwork to pick up some food, Secret Santa gifts, etc. We were going to hang out and then go to the party. The catch was, he had to go to a press check at Disc Pro before we could go to the party. Then that kept getting delayed, so suddenly it's almost 10 p.m. and we're still at Disc Pro. Then T-Bone shows up for his press check, which isn't going to happen until 11:00 at the earliest because everything's running late. Well, I decide to hang with T-Bone and keep him company while Arick goes on to the party, and then T-Bone could drop me off after the press check. Well, the press check took FOR-E-VER. So I don't get to the party until close to 1:00 a.m. Everyone's walking out as I'm walking in. There's one girl left in the apartment, but she's cute and seems friendly enough, so we start talking. She teaches fourth grade and was telling me about her students and we're talking about what she does for fun, etc. Seemed like we were really clicking. Well, I really want to ask her out, so I ask if she's seeing anyone. There's silence and she looks at me like I'm completely retarded. She's like, "I live here with my fiancee who is sitting over there. We're the ones who hosted the party." I felt like an idiot. Of course, it's not like Arick bothered introducing me to anyone when I got there. Thanks a lot ass!

So the company Christmas party was last night at Hotel Derek by the Galleria. It was so swank. We had gambling, dancing, etc. I won $17,000 in fake money playing blackjack, but one guy actually made $84,000 or something like that. The door prizes were LCD TVs, iPod Nanos, and HP printers. I don't think the printers went over quite as well as the TVs and the iPods, but hey, they were free. Of course, I didn't win anything. I just had way too many Jack and Cokes and almost tripped my boss on the dance floor twice. (Sorry about that.)

I've wasted today nursing the hangover and watching episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. This season three DVD is so much better than season one. I haven't seen season two yet.

I tried to go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch ... forgot it was Sunday. I'm an idiot.
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