Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I LOVE Holiday Traffic

So I left the house this morning at 6:30, AND I had to stop for gas. I still got to work by 7:10. Do you know what time I usually get to work when I leave at 6:30? Somewhere close to 7:50. Of course, there's commuting karma at work here. It all has to balance. Yes, I had a great commute, but for the Universe to keep from exploding, everyone in New York had a suck-ass commute due to the transit strike. Sorry New York.

I'm almost sad we're not working next week just because the traffic would be so light -- almost.

We had a production meeting about doing the next three episodes of From the Rooftop last night. It seems PBS and other stations really want a set of six shows. Apparently three shows just aren't marketable enough. Of course, there were only three Matrix movies. There were only three Indiana Jones movies. Originally there were only three Star Wars movies. Eventually, they broke down and made six, but I think we all saw how bad that turned out. I guess the Rooftop is already bad, so there's no shame in going ahead and making six.

My episode ideas didn't quite go over as well as I thought they would. I had this idea for a show about a wobbly table. I don't think everyone saw the humor of the wobbly table. I mean, just the word "wobbly," it's funny. Oh well.

My brother's showing up tonight, and my parents are showing up tomorrow night. It's going to be a crowded house. I haven't quite figured out everyone's sleeping arrangements yet since I don't think I actually have that many blankets. We may actually have to sleep in shifts. That kind of shortens the amount of family time we'll be spending together, but then again, it shortens the amount of family time we'll be spending together.

Time for work.
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