Saturday, December 03, 2005

I'm on vacation!!!!

So I started my week of vacation in grand fashion by sleeping all day. Well, not ALL day, but most of it. I woke up around noon and watched "City of God." Then I went back to bed until Jace woke me up at 4:45. It was a long night and an even longer week.

I had a ton of work this week. That's the way it always goes. You can never just float into a vacation, you have struggle every last inch of the way until you get there. I feel bad for everyone at the office next week. There's a bunch of us out burning our last few days of freedom before we lose them for the year.

Last night I went to Warren's with Drew after work for happy hour, and a few people from the office joined us. Then around 8:00 we all migrated to the bar & grill next door for some burgers. Then we hit the Flying Saucer and met more people from work at 9:45 or so. I finally left around 1 a.m., and somehow I got turned around as to which door of the Flying Saucer we had come in, so I struck out for my car in the wrong direction. I think I'd walked around 10 blocks before the hustle and bustle of downtown disappeared. I realized it was just me and the homeless hanging around. I finally stopped and asked directions from a parking attendant who was ticketing a car. After walking back the opposite direction another 15 blocks or so, I finally found my car.

We had a very cute temp working the phones this week. All the single guys in the office were turning on the charm. Too bad she was lesbian. She came out to the Flying Saucer and brought her partner. It was a good time. I'm wondering if she and her girlfriend might become part of the normal hang out crowd. Who knows?

I've got some options as to what to do with my week off. The first is to pack up and go camping or something. Camping alone isn't very fun though. Leo is looking for a new script to slate now that Necrophobia is in post production. I could shut myself in the bedroom and spend the week writing. I just need a good plot. I've also got this song a wrote a little while back, and Thomas said he'd shoot a video for it if I'll re-record it. I could spend the week in the music room laying down tracks on that, and really putting some time into making a quality recording.

Of course, with all those options what are the chances my agenda continues to be: bed, couch, bar, bed, bar, couch, bed, couch, bar, etc.

Meanwhile the holiday season is taking its toll on me. On one hand, I always like Christmas. On the other hand, this is the first Christmas in a long time where I'm going to be alone. We'll see how that goes.

This local band called Alfred's Chorus is playing tonight. I caught them one at Acadia and really liked their style, so I'm going to go check out the show.
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