Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I saw King Kong last night with my family. Every time we get together we go see one movie. I was personally leaning toward The Ringer, but my mom doesn't care for frat humor. Of course, she sleeps through every movie we see anyway. Last night she had crashed before they ever made it to Skull Island. When it was over, there were various comments made that it was just Jurrasic Park, Arachnophobia, and Gorrilas on Ice mixed up into one movie, etc. But I liked it.

Yes, the stampeding diplodicuses looked a little fake. Why do people working with green screens forget that the imaginary creatures you're going to superimpose are going to cast shadows on the characters. If there's no shadows on the characters even though they're standing underneath a dinosaur, it looks fake. But, that doesn't matter. What mattered was Ann's character. That girl played it so well. Here you have Kong, the last gorilla on the island. He's king, but he's so alone. He suddenly finds companionship in Ann. It's kind of like Koko and her kitten, but moreso since the companionship is between two intelligent creatures. Ann understands this, and it's not that she's in love with Kong in an romantic sort of sense, but she has a connection to a mystery, to a wonderment, to something supernatural, and it fills her with a sense of awe and in return makes her feel special.

Ann really couldn't have stayed on the island. Something would have killed her eventually. Kong might have even accidentally killed her after losing his temper or just not realizing his strength while playing around. So was it more sad to let Kong slowly die alone on the island or to capture him, drag him to New York, and kill him there?

Kong should have never been taken from his element, but he was doomed either way. It was so sad at the end with Ann watching Kong die. We all just want to be part of something special, something larger than life. Ann had that, but she had always felt that the moment she loved something, it was cursed. So sad.

Oh, but I can vouch that writers are that romantic and that heroic in real life -- but yes, we all have big noses.

So anyway, that was the evening with the family. My parents were planning to leave this morning to head back to El Paso, but my grandfather who had the stroke on Christmas took a turn for the worse, so they moved him to ICU, and apparently if he stops breathing again, they're not going to resuscitate. My mom flew to Amarillo at 6:15 this morning. My dad just left to drive back to El Paso by himself. I feel bad for being such a lazy child, but there's not much I can do in this situation.

The rear main seal on my car started leaking oil again. I just had it replaced when I was on vacation Dec. 6, so it's under warranty. I dropped it back off at Firestone again. It's like all I do on my vacations is wait for my car to be fixed.

Tonight's the blues jam at Howling Coyote. Hopefully someone will actually want to go with me.
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