Friday, December 09, 2005

Secret Santa strikes again!!!

My office is hardcore about Secret Santa. I've been on vacation all week, so I haven't kept up with who's gotten what at all. In fact, the whole thing had kind of slipped my mind -- at least until I opened the mailbox last night. My Secret Santa mailed me a gift from the office. It's a book called, "Voodoo Child, The Illustrated Legend of JImi Hendix." It tells the story of his life in the form of a graphic novel, and it's got a C of previously unreleased music with it. I'm very impressed with my Secret Santa. However, the handwriting on this gift doesn't quite match up to the handwriting on either of the two previous books. I'm 99% certain that Santa is a guy though. All the handwriting and gifts selected were very guy-esque. (I'm the editor, and I say, yes, guy-esque is a word. And yes you ALWAYS hyphenate it.)

I spent last night hanging out at Swig. I was hoping to meet a nice girl (translated HOT) to invite to my office Christmas party since my first choice shot me down. For some reason I just kept attracting dudes. I don't know what that's about.

I picked up a new harmonica today in the key of E. The one I learned to play on back in the day is a key of C. I don't know why they even manufacture them in that key. It's utterly useless. I mean, really, who plays in key of C? Nobody. ESPECIALLY not blues. It's all in E or A or G, maybe even D. Definitely not C.

Jace had cable installed this morning. On one hand, I'm thrilled. On the other hand, I worry that I'll be even more lazy and less productive than I was before. Have I already discussed this? Seems like familiar territory.

Off to play guitar.
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