Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Vacation: Day 4

I still haven't been productive. I got up this morning and worked out. Then I had lunch and watched a bunch of "Curb your Enthusiam" episodes. Then I picked up my car and washed it. It's so weird washing your car in the winter. It always seems like a summer thing to do. You strip down, lather on some suncreen, turn up the garage radio and go wash the car. It was even better if your significant other was in her bikini or a little t-shirt and daisu dukes out there helping.

BUT, the car still gets dirty in the winter. I guess I just never washed my old car in the winter. I can't remember ever doing it. But today I bundled up and washed the car. It wasn't sexy at all. I didn't even bother turning on the radio. However, the car is clean now, so that's a plus.

I played some guitar after that. Then I watched Oprah. She and some panel of guests/specialist were talking about waxing sensitive areas of the female body. Anyway, this one lady claimed on a pain scale of 1 - 10, waxing the bikini area was an 8.5. The whole audience of frumpy, middle-aged soccer moms gasped and put their hands over their mouths in shock and horror. Thanks a lot Oprah. Every woman in America is going to remember what was said on your show, and I'm going to be fighting through jungles for the next five years.

Probably heading to Swig tonight, and tomorrow night it's blues night at the Howling Coyote.
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