Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Vacation: Day 5

Note to self: Do not accept shots from strangers no matter how large their breasts may be.

I went out to Swig last night. My friend Jinx and a bunch of the bartenders that work there were just there hanging out, so what I had planned to be just a light night turned into a heavy night. Then this girl Vanessa who is training to be a chef kept buying me shots while we talked about food. Who knew all that writing I've done for SYSCO Foodservice would ever have an application in a social context? I woke up this morning feeling like absolute crap, but completely thankful that I at least didn't have to go to work. I finally rolled out of bed about 2:00 and watched General Hospital while I ate lunch.

I'm going to go into the music room now and record something. No promises that it will be good, but I'll post whatever I end up with.
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