Thursday, December 08, 2005

Vacation: Day 6

Last night Jace and I went to The Howling Coyote for the Wednesday night open mic blues jam. Frank, the guy who hosts it, is one of the most amazing guitarists I've ever seen. Of course, the guy's been making his living playing guitar for like 30 years, so what do you expect?

Anyway, I wouldn't really call my music "blues," but I went up and played a few originals. They came off pretty well considering I'd never met the bass player or the drummer until the moment we all stepped on stage. Then after I did my songs we launched into "Ramble On" and ended with "Hey Hey What Can I Do." It was fun.

After I left the stage this old lady came over, and was like, "That was amazing." Then she hugged me. Does that count as groupie action?

Howling Coyote has a much older crowd than most of the other places in Spring, so we talked to Frank for a couple minutes after we played, and then we went over to open mic at Acadia. I've never played open mic at Acadia or Fountainhead just because the bands there are so heavy/punk. I just don't know that my melodic verses and lyrical genius would be recognized in those settings. I definitely couldn't do one of my slow songs like "She Dreams."

What cracks me up is that at all these open mic nights, there's always some nerdy friend of a band who gets up and sings one song. Like, last night three of the guys from Revolution were just jamming out and Kareem was laying down all these mean leads. Then once they'd played all these fast, hard songs. They stay on stage and play "Glycerine" by Bush, so their chubby friend can come up and sing it. Then there was another band that did some weak-ass song, so their friend could come up and sing it.

I'm so tempted to be an open-mic dick and just learn all those songs that the friends sing and play them as my own set. It would probably only be funny to me, but I'd like to look out at their faces to watch their reactions as I burn through the only songs they know. Why am I always so spiteful? I should stop spiting people.
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