Monday, January 16, 2006

24 - Wasn't the booger a bit much?!!!

So did anyone watch the second half of the 24 premiere tonight? If you did then I'm sure you had the pleasure to see that kid Derrick's booger blowing in and out of his nose while he was crying because he thought the terrorist's were about to execute him. First off, I thought the booger was a bit much. Then I started wondering, was it a real booger? Was it a fake booger? If it was fake, how did they make it? It was probably some chunked-up dried latex that was either still a little sticky or maybe they used some spirit gum to keep it in the nostril. But maybe it was a real booger. How many takes did they do with the booger? Did they have him redo it and breathe harder to blow it farther in and out of his nostril? Why am I so obsessed with the booger?
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