Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hello 2006

Well, 2006 is here. Let’s all be thankful for that. I’m shutting the door on 2005. The damn year started with marital woes, gained momentum with a car fire, shocked me with a divorce, destroyed my transmission, attempted to kill me with a motorcycle wreck, and ended with one last bit of fury by succeeding in killing my grandfather. Hey, if nothing else, it was eventful. But if I have this much drama in 2006 it better be because I joined the cast of The OC.

The new year’s resolutions? Well, they’re not too out of the ordinary.

I pledged to myself to get better abs. I’ve always worked out on a pretty regular basis, I just hate doing abs. By the end of February I plan to have some killer abs.

I’m going to focus more on work. I’ve never really applied myself at anything. I always just kind of fly by the seat of my pants and sloughed through school and work. This year, I’m going to focus and apply myself. I definitely want to dominate the ad industry and win some ADDYs this year.

Outside of work, I’m going to finish my “Suburbanights” screenplay by the end of February. It’s a comedy based on the adventures of Jace and myself. I’ve been kicking around that one and then two others, a western and a sci-fi, but I decided I needed to just sit down and focus on one, get it finished, and then move on. I’ve got 30 minutes a night dedicated to just that. Hopefully it will start shaping up nicely within a week or two.

So good luck to all in 2006. I have to say, so far it’s gone pretty well.
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