Sunday, January 08, 2006

Uneventful weekend

So do you ever have one of those weekends where no matter how hard you try to plan something new and exciting, it just turns out wholly uneventful? This was one of those weekends for me.

Everyone at my office has a head cold. Obviously we all picked them up at the same time from the same place, we just don't know exactly who was the original culprit that infected us all. However, Thursday was just misery in the writer's bullpen. Friday I felt a little better, but decided to stay home and go to bed early. I slept until about noon Saturday. That in itself was a good 16 hours of uneventfulness starting the weekend. Obviously it's going to be hard to recover from that much uneventfulness in a weekend, so that the events end up outweighing the unevents. However, I felt like I was up to the challenge.

Jace's mom stopped by Saturday afternoon, so we all went and got some Denny's. That was nice, but not exciting. I just played guitar and cleaned house all afternoon. Again, not exciting. Then, Saturday night things were set to explode. I was going to meet some friends to watch some bands. In fact, it might have even been considered a date, but I don't really want to call it a date because it wasn't that formal. It was more like the precursory groundwork for a possible future date, but I was excited nonetheless. Did it happen? No. She fell asleep--didn't answer her phone. Obviously the idea of hanging out with me was not as exciting to her.

So I went to plan B Saturday night and headed to Swig. It's become my Cheers, but I'm not fat enough to be Norm yet. Anyway, I ran into some friends there, so we hung out, got drunk, normal bar stuff. Then Jace and I invited some people back to the house. Big party, right? Wrong. What did we do? We turned on Wedding Crashers and crashed on the couches. Actually Jace didn't even bother staying in the living room. He just went to bed. I woke up on the couch at 6 a.m. wishing I had just gone to bed myself.

Still not a noteworthy event in all of that. But, I had Sunday left to save the weekend. Didn't happen. I backed up files on my hard drive, folded laundry, and watched part of Point Break. Jace and I had lunch at BJ's, which was a total waste because neither of us could eat anything. I ordered a pizza, and could only stomach one slice. Then we got roped into moving furniture for two of the barflies. My brother did come home though. I guess that's an event. He starts work tomorrow. He and I went to Acadia for about an hour this evening and played some pool. It was enjoyable, but not exciting.

Perhaps all the excitement lies within the eventfulness of this upcoming week!
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