Friday, February 17, 2006

Do trucks get embarrassed?

So I was stuck in traffic downtown today, and I saw this one big semi truck pulling three other semi trucks. You know, it was one of those weird truck-humping configurations where the bottom of each cab is hooked up where the trailer should go. Anyway, I started wondering if trucks get embarrassed about that. Like, does the truck in front think it's a bigger man for pulling the other trucks? Do the trucks in back get jealous that they weren't chosen to be the one pulling? Do the trucks in tow get self-conscious that everyone thinks they're a pussy because they're getting towed by another truck? Until Optimus Prime finally decides to accept my intergalactic invitation for a beer and an oil change, I guess we'll never know.

I got called for a commercial audition yesterday. They wanted me to audition as the "mid-30s Dad of a family of five." That made me feel pretty old. Then when I got there all the other moms and dads were easily 20 years older than me. Hopefully if I do end up with the role they'll at least pair me up with a young, hot mom. I mean, theoretically if there'd been an accident my first time out, I could have an 11-year-old by now. However, I like to think I don't look anywhere near 35, especially since I'm NOT!

Today's Jace's birthday. We were going to take him some really feminine balloons and embarrass him at the bar, but he foiled our plans by getting the night off. Happy 26 Jace.

We were watching the Contender Rematch fight the other night, and I started wondering where fighters get their names. One of the guys was the "Latino snake." Anyway, that led to the discussion of how all the good animal names are already taken. To be original you'd have to be like "The Albino Anteater" or something. However, I'm wondering why nobody's ever just decided to sell their fighting name to a corporation for some major cash. I decided that if I was a fighter, I'd be "Fred The Viagra Facker" because "I'll stay hard through your beating." My brother said he'd be "Ben The Cialis Facker" because "he'll be hard on you for more than four hours, and then you're going to consult a physician." UFC, here we come!

I played at Fountainhead last night. Last week I showed up a little late, and they ended up running out of time before I could play, so last night they let me start everything off. They let me do five songs, and I thought it was one of my better sets. The crowd was really into it. Then as soon as I finished this lady started buying me drinks. You know you've either done really well or so bad that everyone feels sorry for you when you start getting drinks sent your way. Anyway, the lady works at Sound Revolution, which made it more flattering that she dug my music since she's totally one of those "High Fidelity" type music nuts.

We finished shooting episode four of "From the Rooftop" last weekend. It's a talk show spoof, so I kind of play the Paul Schaeffer character -- only much better looking. I wrote and recorded all these little segment intro songs. Some of them are pretty catchy. I've seen a little bit of the footage, and I think this may be the best one yet.

I feel so lame. It's Friday night, and I'll I've done is blog.
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