Friday, February 24, 2006

Jamming with a prodigy

I played open mic at Fountainhead last night. There's this incredible 15-year-old guitarist who's dad always brings him up and lets him play. He always does heavy metal stuff like Ozzy or Scorpions or stuff like that. Anyway, to be nice I asked him if he wanted to sit in and play lead guitar on my set last night. It was incredible. We did three of my songs and he improved the leads like he'd been playing them his whole life. The crowd loved it. I had three people tell me how great the songs were afterwards and one crazy guy tell me that he was a prophet and that the world's going to end in 2013. What's funny though is that the kid was so nervous. After each song he was like, "Was that OK? Do you want me to stop? I can do better on the next one." Now if I can just get Joey to stop going to the change early on Shakespeare, we'll really be money.

I think I'm going to Acadia tonight to see my friend's band Fourplay. They named it that because see, there's four of them, and they play music, and it's also an innuendo ... Fourplay, get it? I know, it's totally retarded. BUT, they have a beautiful lead singer with an incredible voice, so it's pretty much worth it to go see her.

Supposedly I've got some musicians coming over tomorrow for a practice/jam thing. My friend Yoka is starting a band and asked me to play bass. I'm supposed to meet these other guitarists and whatnot tomorrow. They want to play Evanessence type material, which is cool, but I get the feeling these guys may be total jackasses.

That's all my news.
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