Saturday, February 18, 2006

My MySpace Addiction

Is anybody else addicted to MySpace? I only signed up on there because I was stuck in the house with no transportation during Hurricane Rita, and when you're all nervous with a natural disaster about to strike, you get desperate for human interaction, so I got on there and started chatting with other people in Houston. Then, next thing I know all my friends were on there, and we're having competitions as to who can collect the most friends and earn the most page counts. Then suddenly I'm meeting and dating women from there. It's just a big Internet snowball. What's worse is I've got like 112 friends, but I counted, and I only actually know 22 of them. Of those 22, I probably only actually talk to like 5 of them. Yet, when I log in and suddenly I only have 111 friends instead of 112, I feel all hurt because someone deleted me and didn't want to be my friend. It doesn't matter that I can't actually figure out who it was that deleted me, I still feel the pang of rejection.

Anyway, I'm locked out of my account tonight, so I'm suffering from withdrawal. I keep getting a message that says, "Due to an excessive amount of failed log-in attempts, this account has been locked for 15 minutes." Yeah, apparently I have a myspace stalker/saboteur. I don't know how I feel about that. Like, if it's someone just wanting to go through my e-mails, I'm a pretty open guy. They could have just asked, and I would have let them. But, if it's someone wanting to jack my shit up, that's just wrong. You don't mess with a man's automobile, and you don't mess with his myspace page.

Maybe 15 minutes is finally up now, and I can log in to see if I have any new messages!!!!
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