Thursday, February 09, 2006

Random Conversations

Scene: Jace and I are sitting in the living room watching television.

Jace: I can't believe Jason Priestly is back on television. I thought he had thrown in the towel.
Fred: I think he was in a bad car accident or something, and had to take time off to recover.
Jace: No, it wasn't a "car" accident. He tried to be a freaking racecar driver and crashed. Why would you think that just because you're an actor you could be a racecar driver. The guy is an idiot.
Fred: Paul Newman was a racecar driver.
Jace: Yeah, but Paul Newman makes salad dressing. The guy's a fucking renaissance man. He can do whatever he wants. Jason Priestly doesn't make shit.
Fred: So you're saying if Jason Priestly made salad dressing he could have been a better racecar driver?
Jace: No, I'm just saying I hate that guy.

Scene: I'm sitting in my bedroom listening to "High and Dry" by Radiohead.

Jace: So that's the real version of the song?
Fred: Yeah, it's "The Bends" album.
Jace: Dude, you don't sound much worse than they do.
Fred: Thanks?
Jace: No, you know what I mean. You can totally hit the notes, your voice just isn't as good.
Fred: Awwww, got it.

Scene: My brother's friends from work stop by before going to Tumbleweed Texas.

Fred: Did you see that girl? She keeps asking to see my brother's bed.
Jace: That girl is rough.
Fred: No kidding.
Jace: She looks like she got stomped with a shoe.
Fred: The ugly shoe.
Jace: And it had cleats ... she got stomped by the ugly golf shoe.
Fred: Well, my brother does love golf.
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