Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An early start on hump day

I'm up freaking early today. I had to pick my roommate up from the airport at 5:20 a.m. He just got back from Brazil. Apparently he had a really great trip -- so great in fact that they lost track of what day it was and almost missed their flight last night. If the hotel hadn't called them and said they needed to pay for the extra day if they were staying, they'd still be in Brazil right now.

So Jace is back from Brazil, and Ben is off to Norway. I live in a household of international travelers.

My weekend was kind of lame. I went and say my friend's band 4Play Friday at Acadia and then again Saturday at Big Daddy's. I'll admit it. They're not that great, but their lead singer Theresa is soooo hot. She's engaged though. I thought that was a bit presumptious on her part since she didn't even wait to meet me before getting engaged. She just did it and met me after the fact. Maybe I'll catch her after the first divorce in three or four years.

I got back on my workout schedule and started this new diet that pretty much only lets me eat fresh fruit, yogurt, salad and chicken. Supposedly it's really good for your digestive tract, clears your skin, and will reduce your body mass index fast. With all that fruit I'm feeling pretty energized, but yesterday I ended up grabbing lunch at KFC instead of making the lunch I was supposed to make. I figured, it's all chicken, right? I don't know how long I can stay on this stuff. I really miss hotdogs,hamburgers,and fried stuff.

I played open mic at Big Daddy's Monday night. It's a tough crowd there. They're old, redneck, and pretty much there to get drunk and play pool. Very few people were listening to the bands. However, since my original stuff kind of has that southern rock/Texas country flair, it went over a lot better than some of the other stuff people were playing. There was one drunk cowboy who had apparently arrived around 4 p.m. and was still there drinking when we started at 10:00. He got up and tried to play some George Strait. It was so bad I thought he was going to clear the entire bar before anyone else got a chance to play ... soooo bad.

I'm playing again tonight at Acadia. Hopefully I can get Jace to come jam with me. I've also got to go pay the mortgage. Big fun.
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