Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An exciting Tuesday

So I had a busy day. I had to get a bunch of paperwork faxed back to my new office and go take a drug test, but then I also ended up with two auditions this afternoon. One was for a travel agency commercial, and the other was for Unicom. Now the travel agency thing is a lame local gig, and only pays like $50 and a flight voucher. I'm 99% sure I got it, but not real concerned about it. However, the Unicom commercial is nationwide and stars Yao Ming. If I get that role I'll actually be playing basketball with Yao. It pays real nice too.

I should find out in the morning. I don't start my new writing job until Monday, but I may be acting everyday until then. Where was all this work last month?

I'm already gearing up for open mic tomorrow night. Jace is finally going to come jam with me again. I'm going to get Ben to film it, so I can put some video up on myspace. Hopefully we'll rock the house.

I was supposed to karaoke with the BFFF girls tonight, but Dena's sick. Poor girl. When I heard she wasn't going I decided I'd just stay home tonight. However, Ben, Jace and I still ended up going to Baker Street for a couple drinks. Some old lady started hitting on Jace. She told us she had a 28-year-old son (which is older than Jace) and a 4-year-old grandbaby. She assured us though that she was a "hot grandma." Then her husband came and took her away!

There was also a brunette with an incredibly hot body in there, but she had the worst lazy eye. I mean, it was majorly wonkey. I was torn as to whether or not I should go talk to her because she was seriosuly beautiful ... except for that eye. I finally decided not to. I think she would have thought it was weird that I always asked her to pretend to be a pirate and wear an eyepatch anytime we went to bed.

Arrrrrrgh matey. That's all for tonight.
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