Monday, March 20, 2006

MySpace Momentum!

So the popularity of my MySpace page has suddenly SKYROCKETED! I've had a page on there since October, and I averaged around 10 page views a day. Then on Thursday, I posted this picture:

Suddenly my page view counter started rolling over like a gas pump! All these messages and friend requests came rolling in from middle-aged women in far off states that say things like, "UR HOT!" or "U SUR R PURTY!" I'm now averaging 150 hits a day.

Then on top of that, I made two videos of me singing while I was just playing around with the new myspace video capabilities. Forty-four people have viewed my recording of "You're Beautiful" in the last day, and I've had several random women e-mail me to tell me I have a beautiful voice.

I don't know where all this attention came from, but hey, I'm going to soak it up while I can. Now I'm really wishing I had borrowed the money to record my new songs with Kareem and Bobby last month. It would be the perfect time to start promoting an EP or something, but I've got nothing to promote.

We'll see if I can finally draw some people to open mic night this week!
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