Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend wrap-up

Thursday was uneventful. Ben got home from Norway. I went and played open mic at Fountainhead. I did "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, and although my part came off great, the bass player with me had no clue. It was just random off-key notes all the way through. It was just absolutely horrible. However, we redeemed ourself on "Hey Hey What Can I Do." One old biker lady actually jumped up on a chair and was screaming when the song was over. I always appreciate that kind of enthusiasm from old biker ladies.

Friday night Ben and I went to see my friend Keith's band, The Convertibles. Keith's a very impressive drummer, so I had really high hopes for this group. It was bad. It's not that they couldn't play. The guitarist didn't have as much flair as some I've seen, but he was competent. The bass player was good too. The problem was the bass player's voice. He was a little guy with a high-pitched nasally voice. It was torture listening to him. He's one of those guys on American Idol that they show for comedy relief. Then at some point in their second set, he started forgetting all the words, so every song just turned into this incoherent nasally whine. It was so bad. I didn't have the heart to tell Keith how bad. The thing that amazes me is that they gig all the time. I can't get a show, but nasal-torture-singer can. I don't get it. I guess I'm just not marketing myself right.

Saturday was a paintball massacre out at Paintball Bonanza. These little kids were having a birthday party out there, so it was like five of us against all the little kids. We easily won the capture the flag scenarios. I mean, we all had college degrees on our side. They had one semester of third grade. Plus, they'd just tend to hide in the back and never come out. Then when you did shoot them, they still wouldn't come out. Ben and I were raiding down one side, and he shot these two kids hiding in a bunker. Then I went down the side and shot the same two kids not knowing that he had. After we were both out, we were sitting in the safe area discussing it. None of the kids that we shot ever showed up out of the game. I don't want to call them liars, but if the shoe fits.

Anyway, as we wrapped up paintball Saturday afternoon, Ben finally let me in on the fact that we actually had a church softball game that night also. Of course, I was wearing hiking boots and jeans. He brought clothes to change into. There were a lot of people though, so I just hung out and cheered.

Sunday we actually made it to church ... on time. Then we hit the beach volleyball courts at Third Coast Volleyball after lunch. We played 2-man, which is so tiring compared to the 6-man coed league I was playing in last year. We won 2 and lost 2. Not bad for the first time out since November. Unfortunately I landed on my shoulder wrong during a dive, and experienced an interesting new pain as it made a bunch of popping and tearing sounds. It wasn't bad enough to stop playing, but this evening it's starting to swell up, and I get a sharp pain if I try to raise my hand over my head. I'm thinking this may not be good, but we'll see how it feels tomorrow.

And that's all the news.
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