Monday, March 20, 2006

What a week?!!!

So I haven't posted in over a week. I apologize. However, I have been very busy promoting both my music and writing. Let's start on the writing front. After several interviews, I got offered a communication specialist position with a big engineering and construction company. It pays very well. I'm excited because for the first time in my life I'll finally be making more than a public school teacher!

On the music front, I played open mic Monday, Wednesday and Thursday as usual, but Friday I went to see my friend's band 4Play. During one of the breaks between sets, they suggested I play some songs with them next show. I'm totally stoked. I wish they'd let me open for them, but hey, I can do a few duets with Theresa.

Then, this weekend I drove up to Conroe to assist the Hayter brothers with a few more scenes for From the Rooftop: Episode 5. I guess you could say the code name for this episode would be "Dirty Adoption." It's pretty funny so far. We're shooting more next weekend.

Of course, the absolute highlight of my week was karaoke at Sherlocks Tuesday night with the girls. I'd met Betsy before, but this my first time to meet Dena, who is also hilarious. About halfway through the night we hatched a plan of sheer brilliance. We would sing a romantic duet. Then, during the instrumental break, I would drop to my knee and propose. Fighting back tears, Dena would say yes, and then WE'D SCORE FREE DRINKS ALL NIGHT!!!!!

It was a good plan. I mean, it was a freaking Swiss watch. However, our acting might not have been as believable as it could have been. Also, I think Dena was actually making out with some other guy before we went on stage, so that might have also created a little disbelief within the crowd. Then there were the over-the-top exclamations of joy like, "I love you, and I LOVE jaeger!!!" Sooooo, we didn't actually get any free drinks out of the deal, but the audience found it all quite entertaining. I'm sure we'll try it again this Tuesday.
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